Risk areas and hazard zones

For the planning of infrastructure, it is essential to identify risk areas which result from natural hazards. Avalanches, rockfalls and debris flows can often cause essential problems if they are not identified in advance and not taken into account at the stage of project planning in the Alpine region. Operating concepts as well as strategies of preventive systems can be developed on the basis of identified zones with a risk of danger. This revealed and marked hazard zones also serve as a basis for decision making process on the stage of further technical measures planning.

We identify natural hazard processes, assess the potential risks and plan monitoring, preventive and protective measures for a successful implementation of the project in harmony with nature.

Slopes layout – Lifts

Thorough and accurate layout of the slopes of the existing terrain in accordance to the levels of difficulty is the economic basis for every Ski area. Layout of the slopes is very important for designing, planning, enlargement and connecting of ski areas. In particular, ski lift design concept must be based on a customer-oriented system from the point of view of economic, operational and tourism general conditions. ( From the point of view of the General economic, operational and tourism conditions, ski lift design concept must be based on a customer-oriented system).

With an experience obtained during participation in more than one hundred ski resort development projects worldwide, we offer an optimized approach that meets the specific needs of our clients and their customers.


To ensure high quality of the snow conditions and to maximize the number of operating days, on many resorts worldwide artificial snowmaking is necessary. Therefore, the water resources in this area must be used at the best extent. This implies the construction of storage ponds, conveyors and pipes with snowmaking systems.

As a partner of all manufacturers of snowmaking equipment and successful projects of several storage ponds construction, we are able to adjust perfectly the water resources to the needs of the required snowmaking process at the slopes. This will significantly contribute to the economic success of our clients and create perfect conditions for your customers!

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