Resort & Event Operations Management

Ski4D is specialized in year round mountain resort development and management planning. Over the years, Ski4D has gained a wide range of experience and knowledge in the field of all year operating resorts and the usage for sporting venues.

We meet the requirements of the investors and the targeted customer group through development of thoughtful architectural concepts. Also taking into account the local cultural and natural heritage.

Development of sporting concepts for recreational use

Development of competition sites

Coordination of the homologation process with international sport federations

Functional zoning concepts

Safety and high access work

The company SKI4D has over 10 years experience in the field of high access work. Continious training and development guarantees state of the art technology and know how. This knowledge is essential for safety instructions to handle safety- and recovery equipment.Ski4D offers strategies and guidelines in the field of safety, protection and rescue.

Avalanch Asessment and Triggering

The experts of Ski 4D are specialiced in the field of avalanche trainings and assessments. We identify potetial hazards and assisst local experts in triggering avalanches with different systems.

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