Sustainable Infrastructure Services

SKI4D has developed a tool that sustainable revives for a long term benefit to the region. This sustainability of infrastructure service planning is a main focus of Ski4ds work. We calculate the most sustainable economic solution for each target. The evaluation tools in combination with the decision-making local operator of the resort provide a detailed picture of the relevant information required in the field of services.

Structure plans:

master planning focusing on permanent training facilities

athlete training center feasibility studies

uniform up to date education programs for ski instructors

education center for coaches/trainers

methodological training concepts of athletes

Service Facilities:

Service Infrastructure project control management

Operational planning service facilities

Permanent quality control – constantly employee training plans

Implementing package of measures

Big event sporting venues

In general, the Olympic legacy is affected by a variety of local and global factors. which are different within cities, regions and nations. It is directly related to the understanding of the mission of Olympism in the society. Long Term benefits:

Making the hosting country a world leading sporting nation

to inspire a generation of young people

to demonstrate the nation is a creative and welcoming place to live in, for business and for leisure

Subsequent use and event operations management

SKI4D has concepts and assists event operators in developing successful subsequent use operational plans for a long term and effective usage of one time big event sporting venues. Integrated operations and post games concepts are one of the key competences of SKI4D.

Strategy and operational concepts

Concept of subsequent use under the aspect of economy and ecology

Training facilities plans

Tourist resort operational and usage plans

Event strategy

Permanent Quality controls to exceed the expectations

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